ASJP S2E2 — Two Penises!

So we finally re-recorded the lost interview with Mr DragonBeard and Smashlock of the Apostasy Now Podcast, and John finally edited and saved it without losing the audio! There’s much talk of Atheism, Social Justice, Masturbation, and a spot of casual America-bashing between Canadians and Brits. Enjoy! Oh, and for those that wonder what Zoe is [Read More]

ASJP 11 — Reparate Me

The one and only Justin Vacula (not VacUla) was kind enough to lend us some of his time. We used it to make sex jokes. There was talk of racial reparation, atheism in America, and other overwhelmingly cheerful topics. We also talk a little about the upcoming TAM con (that both Zoe and Justin are [Read More]

The BBC Newsnight Debacle (Block_Bot)

Let’s get some back story. Following the harassment that Caroline Criad0-Perez received, BBC’s Newsnight program did a piece on Twitter abuse. Here is said piece.     If you’re at all familiar with Atheism+ (but not indoctrinated), you probably won’t be surprised to find that a number of people who have been placed on the [Read More]