ASJP-24 Intro to Paula and Hypergamy

I welcome in our new co-host (or co-hostess) and we discuss her work, hypergamy, the Sargon petition, and autism.   Into/Outro Music – “Withering World” by Mark Reddman   Paula’s Twitter: @SexyIsntSexist Paula’s WP Blog:

ASJP 14 — Human Garbage

It’s been a while, but we’re back and we’re talking trans. Arguably, the SJWism is stronger in that community than in any other, so know there’s some good stuff to talk about. Also on the pod, a little about why it’s been so long, some forgotten shoutouts from last time, and much attempting to analyse [Read More]

ASJP 9 — Talk Dirty To Me

We conned were lucky enough to have another guest this week in the form of YouTube and Twitter’s own SubManUSN. We like to take care of our guests, so we picked a topic that allowed us to look at a Twitter timeline full of boobs. This week’s conversation is about what reasonable expectations you can [Read More]