ASJP-24 Intro to Paula and Hypergamy

I welcome in our new co-host (or co-hostess) and we discuss her work, hypergamy, the Sargon petition, and autism.


Into/Outro Music – “Withering World” by Mark Reddman


Paula’s Twitter: @SexyIsntSexist

Paula’s WP Blog:

14 thoughts on “ASJP-24 Intro to Paula and Hypergamy

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  2. Congratulations! It sounds like a perfect fit, despite the pants thing.You know, I totally get it. I started working on my own because I don’t like waiting for permission to do things. And I like my autonomy. But, if I had the opportunity to do that with other people, I might consider it. You just never know.I hope you get to make lots and lots of kick-ass stuff.

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  5. Guri, demasiado malo ya sos… pero legalmente, hasta tu crítica me gustó más. 3/10.. bajón total viejo.. mala peli en serio. Guri, sos mi sensei.. aprendo de vos siempre! Cuando vamos a acampar en lo de Paul otra vez?? avisa para el fogón..

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