ASJP 7 — Storify Raped Me

It’s a guestisode! That’s right, I made up a word. This week Damion Reinhardt (@D4M10N) of the Oklahoma Atheist Godcast joins us to talk about Storify harassment, “pile on” culture, and rape alley. Much talk is had of “privacy” on Twitter, too. Related Reading The Daily Dot Article on Storify the “Harassment Tool” John’s Storify [Read More]

ASJP 6 — This Podcast Gave Me PTSD

Given the timing of this podcast, we couldn’t not talk about Melody Hensley’s epic Twitter PTSD. Everyone else is! We also find time to throw in a few plugs, recount @SubManUSN‘s recent experience with a heartless wench, and generally derail each other and get off topic. Related Reading Daily Mail’s Article on Melody Fox’s Article on [Read More]

ASJP 5 — Rape Pockets

We’re a little late with this one, but better late than never, right? We’re talking Rape Culture. Specifically the #rapecultureiswhen hashtag on Twitter, and as close to an in depth discussion on Rape Culture as we’re ever likely to manage. Related Reading Jian Ghomeshi’s Rape Culture Debate Sparks Backlash on Twitter Wikipedia Page on Rape [Read More]

ASJP 4 — Bucket of Death!

It’s a bumper episode this week. The infamous GodlessSmeghead (off of Twitter) joins us in our first attempt at having a guest on to talk about the increasingly bad blood between social justice warriors and New Atheism. Things covered include Rebecca Watson Vs Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers’ dubious rape allegations, abortion (in general), just how bad [Read More]

AJSP 3 — Him Him Him Him THEY!

We made to to podcast number three! Yay. This time around we talk about the reason hostilities between Atheism Plus and Skepchick, with much a tangent and many mockeries. We cover the rarely discussed nitty gritty details of oral rape, and do a bit of roleplay with the comments of a Rebecca Watson post. Related [Read More]

AJSP 2 — All The Rs

We did another one! This time we talk about the infamous Caroline Criado-Perez, and how one woman’s innocent enough campaign to get better female representation on British bank notes soon spiraled into a mental breakdown of epic proportions. Also a bit of talk about John’s Twitter trolling, and much remarking of dubious racial offensiveness. Related [Read More]

ASJP 1 – The Pilot Show

For the first experimental edition of the Antisocial Justice Podcast, Zoe and John ramble on for nearly an hour and a half about the Steubenville rape atrocity, swearing in front of your kids, and general bashing of the social justice warriors. We’re still finding our feet, and the final format of the podcast is far from [Read More]