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The Lesser Spotted SJW

Being called a social justice warrior shouldn’t, one would think, be a negative thing. Social Justice, the plight of those striving to end sexism, racism, homophobia, whorephobia, transphobia, and a whole host of other “ism”’s and “phobia”’s. Who wouldn’t be in favour of such a noble cause? Truthfully, no one. Oh, sure, there are real [Read More]

Reverse Pushback Mentality

A constant point of contention in the skeptic community—especially those parts of it where gender issues collide—is the use of words. Big words, little words, real words, fake words that need a sociology degree to understand. I personally get irked by the arrogant types who will scold me for not accepting that racism cannot happen [Read More]

Twitter for Dummies

I’ve written on the topic of misunderstanding Twitter before, but that post focused only on those pesky legal issues that were causing so much confusion. Things like how Twitter only stated in plain English on their ToS (in highlighted text) that tweets were public, rather than, say, beating new users over the head with a [Read More]

I’ll Just Leave This Here…

Just a short post. I’m currently reading a book titled The Science of the Discworld IV (I highly recommend the series), and I just came across a passage that I thought you (the people who are likely to see this post) might find relevant. That kind of thinking is said to be analytic. It may not [Read More]

“The Making Of” That Infographic

This is not an op-ed, blog post, or editorial. I warn you now, this will be neither interesting nor an ‘easy read’. It is purely to explain how I got the information for the infographic I recently shared. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible, but no promises. There have already been claims [Read More]

Understanding Twitter

Abusive behaviour on social networking platforms—specifically Twitter—has been a hot topic lately. From the abuse Caroline Criado-Perez received, and Caitlin Moran’s #twittersilence campaign, to the recent BBC Newsnight piece that’s caused such a stir among those that it wrongfully labelled as “abusive”. The cause of all this talk, that is, the abuse that people receive [Read More]

The BBC Newsnight Debacle (Block_Bot)

Let’s get some back story. Following the harassment that Caroline Criad0-Perez received, BBC’s Newsnight program did a piece on Twitter abuse. Here is said piece.     If you’re at all familiar with Atheism+ (but not indoctrinated), you probably won’t be surprised to find that a number of people who have been placed on the [Read More]

Feminist-on-Racist Violence

Update: I’ve since spoken to Ellen, and she claims that she not only expected the man mentioned in the story to try and hit her, but that he did attempt to hit her (tweet). Obviously (well, obvious if you’ve read the post), if Ellen is being truthful, this invalidates the example that the post is based [Read More]

#FBrape: Tying Up the Loose Ends

Censorship is always a tricky subject when it comes to the Internet. The lines can get so blurred that deciphering where one side ends and the other begins is like trying to see the boat in one of those Magic Eye pictures from the nineties. Every now and again, however, something brings this prickly issue [Read More]