Reverse Pushback Mentality

A constant point of contention in the skeptic community—especially those parts of it where gender issues collide—is the use of words. Big words, little words, real words, fake words that need a sociology degree to understand.

I personally get irked by the arrogant types who will scold me for not accepting that racism cannot happen to people whose race has white skin (“language evolves, you know!”), while simultaneously telling me that it doesn’t matter if nobody I know uses “gay” as a homophobic slur, it’s still offensive (“you can’t change historical oppression, bigot!”), but it’s the new words that really cause arguments.

Admittedly, my made up thing isn’t particularly offensive (in and of itself), and in all likelihood, it’s probably already a thing. But if I’m going to take a page from the book of “Social Justice Warrior Word Invention”, I may as well take one from their “Who Needs Research?” series, too.

I call this Reverse Pushback Mentality, but even made up phrases need a base, so let’s quickly go over what I mean by “Pushback Mentality”.

Pushback Mentality

Imagine two ends of a scale. On one end, we have a group who, when asked to do something they’re not thrilled about, will shuffle off and do it. They may be disgruntled, but, ultimately, they do what they’re asked. Then we move over to the other end of the scale where find the polar opposite kind of person. The kind of person who will tell you go f—k yourself for simply asking them if you could just squeeze past them to get into the toilet because you’re about to throw up and you don’t want to make a mess on the carpet.

This is the Pushback Scale.

A prime example of these two extremes are smokers and anti-gun control lobbyists. Smokers used to be welcome anywhere. Admittedly, we didn’t know any better back then, but the slow transformation of smoking from something that looks cool to a reviled cancerous addiction has seen smokers pushed out of social venues, away from public spaces, and all but confined to their own property.

The anti-gun control crowd, on the other hand, has resisted any and all concession regarding the use of guns, seemingly on the basis that they don’t want give an inch so that nobody feels inclined to try and take a mile.

Reverse Pushback Mentality

As the title suggests, Reverse Pushback Mentality (or RPM if you’re short on time. Geddit? I’ll get my coat.) is all of the above, but flipped. Instead of the RPM anti-gun control equivalents resisting changes to protect their interests, they are the ones actively pushing.

Enter our social justice friends.

Have you ever seen a person who is anything even close to a public figure apologise to the social justice crowd? Almost without fail, the apology will be insincere, or inadequate, or not visible enough, or any number of other failings. And even if you meet the remarkably high standards for apologising to a Social Justice Warrior, you then have social justice community service to face. “Good,” they say, “now tweet about X to your followers” or “and try and be a better [insert ideologue here] in future!”

This line of thinking seems to trickle into the fundamental roots of their perceived ideal society. Once a battle is seemingly won, the lines get hastily redrawn so that it may continue. Any right minded person will agree that having sex with an unconscious woman is rape (unless, perhaps, they gave explicit permission before getting blotto’d), but the fact that any reasonable person will agree to this fact means the goal posts must be moved. Suddenly it’s rape to screw a woman who is quite drunk, even if she’s consented, causing a large swath of that reasonable crowd to go “now hold on a minute,” and the battle resumes. Of course, some people think that’s perfectly reasonable, and so, among them, they whittle down the parameters until it is rape to have sex with a woman who has had any alcohol whatsoever.

The problem then is that these fighters of social justice re-emerge from their conclave into the real world and declare such absurd edicts, and then wonder why the world thinks they’re insane.

Push Back

This kind of thinking is only dangerous if you let it be. Too many times have we seen a celebrity (of sorts) begrudgingly apologise to the loud mouthed minority, only to be bullied into a second “more sincere” apology. All too often do entities (*cough*Twitter*cough*) bow to pressure from these sociopathic swines, only to be immediately bombarded by more demands from a group that has sensed weakness, tasted blood.

Don’t be a stubborn arse; if you dun’wrong, apologise, but if you find yourself being issued with further demands, point in the direction of the shortest pier, and advise the injured party to take a long walk in that direction.

As an experiment, this blog post is a written alternative to a video I’ve uploaded. This may be a regular thing, or it may never happen again. Only my crystal balls will tell. Let’s rub them together…



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