ASJP 13 — Boob Assault!

For lucky 13, Zoe found a picture of a fat guy for us to talk about for an hour. This may be the pinnacle of podcasting. Cue some [hopefully] interesting talk on double standards between the genders.

No podcast next week due to family shenanigans (John) and TAM (Zoe), but we’re about as regular as JFK’s bowls, so that shouldn’t come as a shock.

Also, as we forgot to do shoutouts in the podcast, here are the Twitter handles of the people we would have shouted out, if we’d remembered;

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More like related viewing this week, the entirety of this podcast’s topic starts and ends with the following picture;

Comment of the Week

Zoe 3 — 4 John

No picks this week


Intro/Outro music; “Blame” by Eric the Robot. To subscribe to the podcast, search iTunes (if that’s your thing), or click over 

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