ASJP S2E3 — Endorse It?

In this edition of ASJP, we talk about the Protein World debacle/fiasco/controversy, GamerGater’s trying to get oolon fired from his job, and a trans game developer demanding that Minecraft creator Notch pay them for existing.

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Intro/Outro music; “Blame” by Eric the Robot. To subscribe to the podcast, search iTunes (if that’s your thing), or click over here.

2 thoughts on “ASJP S2E3 — Endorse It?

  1. I look forward to your next podcast. 🙂 Another guest you should consider is youtuber “Sargon of Akkad”. He can discuss issues related to feminism, gamergate, and SJW culture.

  2. Hi John/Zoe, I just wanted to say that I miss your podcasts. They were very fun and informative. 🙂 If you come back, have you considered using a youtube channel as an alternative? You might get more listeners that way.

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