ASJP 8 — Get Your Own Culture!

In what will either be the start of ASJP going weekly—or just an anomaly in our release schedule—it’s just Zoe and John for this show, dedicated to the latest SJW fad, Cultural Appropriation. Unfortunately, if you’re listening to this outside of “the West”, you’re appropriating culture. Stop it.

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10 thoughts on “ASJP 8 — Get Your Own Culture!

  1. The whole concept of cultural appropriation is maddening to me. The only cultural items you get to own or control distribution of are the ones you make, keep secret, or legally have rights over (and those rights are usually bound by national boundaries and treaties). What these people ought to be calling for is grassroots cultural pride campaigns rather than yelling at everyone else for liking and/or taking part in different aspects of cultures from around the world. You don’t preserve your culture by not letting other people have any part in it. No, you have to build it up by getting more people to take it up. The whole “cultural appropriation” movement is a lot like toddlers yelling at other toddlers for playing with the same toy. Grow the heck up!

  2. I'm also an MLS student and am in a distance learning program. We use virtual worlds, blogs, etc and talk alot about incorporating technology in our media centers. I think your last two items hit the nail on the head. Students immerse themselves in technology daily, by choice. If our media centers want to reach these students, we need to reach them where they are. They won't seek out information from sources that seem dated. Online records, wikis, all these tools, are the way to go.

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