ASJP 7 — Storify Raped Me

It’s a guestisode! That’s right, I made up a word. This week Damion Reinhardt (@D4M10N) of the Oklahoma Atheist Godcast joins us to talk about Storify harassment, “pile on” culture, and rape alley. Much talk is had of “privacy” on Twitter, too.

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Next Time

Okay, so we’re still working on the length of the show. It’s looking like ASJP will be the kind of podcast that regularly runs up to an hour, but we’ll try not to go over it by too much. The next show will most likely be guestless, but we have a number of interested parties that presumably haven’t listened to the show, and we’re looking forward to them not finding out until they get on the podcast!

Intro/Outro music; “Blame” by Eric the Robot. To subscribe to the podcast, search iTunes (if that’s your thing), or click over to here

2 thoughts on “ASJP 7 — Storify Raped Me

  1. Holy shit that sounded awful when I went offline. My Dell completely shut down, something about CPU overheat. After that I tried the iPhone app (didn’t work) and finally stole my wife’s MacBook. It’s almost like the gods themselves stood against us.

  2. When you got to the part on pile-ups and an ethos to not take part in them, I wish you would have gone back and applied it to the Storify conversation you started with. How is getting a bunch of emails that you’ve been storified any different? (Good solution for that, by the way, of having an opt out link.)

    As for elevatorgate the person, he didn’t start out using Storify if you’ll remember. Originally, he (assuming he is a he, of course) kept a blog that was quite rambling and, well, nasty toward the people who were his primary concerns (no offense, Ambrosia!). His behavior was a lot like Dennis Markuze, I thought, the way he dogged specific people over and over, and it seemed to take off when he got his hands on Storify. The way he uses it today, though, is much more benign than I thought it was at first, the way he collects a few tweets from all kinds of people, often with a finishing twist on whatever part of the conversation he storifyed.

    On public/protected tweets, I really agree with Damion that we should be able to mix them up under one account. The only way to have that mix right now is to have two accounts, one protected and one public, but then you have to get all your followers to follow your protected account as well, which is probably asking too much from most people.

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