ASJP 6 — This Podcast Gave Me PTSD

Given the timing of this podcast, we couldn’t not talk about Melody Hensley’s epic Twitter PTSD. Everyone else is! We also find time to throw in a few plugs, recount @SubManUSN‘s recent experience with a heartless wench, and generally derail each other and get off topic.

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Comment of the Week

Zoe 1 — 1 John


Next Time

We’re still working on getting the podcast down to 30-45 minutes (we missed by about 4 minutes this week!). There are a few guests we think we may have tricked lined up to come on the show, but we’ll save names for when they happen to avoid disappointment.

Intro/Outro music; “Blame” by Eric the Robot. To subscribe to the podcast, search iTunes (if that’s your thing), or click over to here

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