ASJP 4 — Bucket of Death!

It’s a bumper episode this week. The infamous GodlessSmeghead (off of Twitter) joins us in our first attempt at having a guest on to talk about the increasingly bad blood between social justice warriors and New Atheism. Things covered include Rebecca Watson Vs Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers’ dubious rape allegations, abortion (in general), just how bad is society in terms of racism and misogyny, online dating, recording podcasts, and bloody red fish guts.

We also introduce a new segment called “Comment of the Week”, where John and Zoe each pick a comment, tweet or quote by an SJW (during the podcast in John’s case), and proceed to mock it for an indeterminate length of time.

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Huge thanks to @SubManUSN and @D4M10N for coming up with some links to go along with our theme for this podcast. We tip our imaginary hats to you.

@GoodReasonNews what evidence is there of logic

Comment of the Week

Zoe 1 – 0 John


Next Time

Obviously we’re still finding our feet with this thing, but we’re probably going to settle into a rough schedule of putting a podcast with just @beagrie and @ZoeJen_ every two weeks, with guest podcasts as and when we can get guests filling the weeks in between. We have a few names of people we

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