ASJP 15 — ALL TEH NEWS!!!!!!1one

This show we attempt a round-up style look at some of the bigger shenanigans in the social justice world. A “retarded school teacher” waxes lyrical about being trans’ allies. PZ Myers tackles the impact of Robbin Williams’ death… from a PR perspective. Not to mention a healthy dose of Suey Park.

Only take one a day. Do not operate heavy machinery while on Suey Park.

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Comment of the Week

Zoe 3 — 5 John

Last week’s winner, as chosen by you lovely people on Twitter, was John’s.

Let us know who you think picked the more entertaining tweet and we’ll let update the score on the next show.


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4 thoughts on “ASJP 15 — ALL TEH NEWS!!!!!!1one

  1. I know I am a bit late to this one but I am new to this podcast and I only just listened to this back broadcast.

    P Z Myers was indeed at the World Humanist Congress ( and indeed I shook his hand there and thanked him for an article he wrote on Ernst Haeckel. My reason for doing this was that I did not want to start hating people (or perhaps more likely I wanted to stop hating people) and P Z Myers seemed a very appropriate place to start.

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