ASJP 10 — Label Me, Baby!

In a rare feat of organisation, Zoe and I managed to put together yet another weekly edition. This is almost becoming a habit. It’s a guestless show this time around, and we’re talking about labels. Well, I say we’re talking about labels, but really we just had a long discussion on what “Man” and “Woman” means, and briefly touched on things like “MRA” and “Feminist”.

Go. Listen.

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One thought on “ASJP 10 — Label Me, Baby!

  1. Few quick points.
    Characterising SJWs as being ‘left’ isn’t, I think, accurate.
    Norway – mentioned in the ‘cast – is one of the most egalitarian societies on Earth, but the gender divergence by career is increasing, not decreasing.
    There’s also intimidation and difficulty for men entering traditionally female careers – like nursing.

    Not All Men, like Not All Feminists Are Like That can be irritating, but this is just like opposing any broad-brush description of any demographic. Like ‘blacks are ______’. Rape, the example given, is perpetrated by women as well as men and men may well be the majority sufferers, if you include prison rape and ‘made to penetrate’ etc.

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