AJSP 3 — Him Him Him Him THEY!

We made to to podcast number three! Yay. This time around we talk about the reason hostilities between Atheism Plus and Skepchick, with much a tangent and many mockeries. We cover the rarely discussed nitty gritty details of oral rape, and do a bit of roleplay with the comments of a Rebecca Watson post.

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Next Time…

As stated on the podcast, we’re looking to start bringing guests into the fold. The format of the podcast will largely be the same (having some topic or other and talking about it for an hour), we’ll just be doing it with a third person. If you’re interested send a tweet our way. @beagrie and @ZoeJen_

Intro/Outro music; “Blame” by Eric the Robot. To subscribe to the podcast, search iTunes (if that’s your thing), or click over to here

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