ASJP S2E3 — Endorse It?

In this edition of ASJP, we talk about the Protein World debacle/fiasco/controversy, GamerGater’s trying to get oolon fired from his job, and a trans game developer demanding that Minecraft creator Notch pay them for existing. Related Reading Pointless Person Calls Protein World “Angry Chubsters” Response by the Model in the Protein World Ads Trans Indie [Read More]

ASJP S2E2 — Two Penises!

So we finally re-recorded the lost interview with Mr DragonBeard and Smashlock of the Apostasy Now Podcast, and John finally edited and saved it without losing the audio! There’s much talk of Atheism, Social Justice, Masturbation, and a spot of casual America-bashing between Canadians and Brits. Enjoy! Oh, and for those that wonder what Zoe is [Read More]

ASJP Hashtag Special 2 — #WHITEALLYSHIT

In lieu of the intended interview that we recorded with the hosts of the Apostasy Now Podcast (which John lost), we bring you a hashtag special that we recorded in September 2014… and completely forgot about. The hashtag we tackle here is #WhiteAllyShit, and despite early warnings that it will be short, we actually rambled on [Read More]

ASJP S2E1 — No More No More Page 3

It’s the return of the Antisocial Justice Podcast! We’re calling this season 2, and we’ve made a few changes to the way we do things. In this show we talk a little about the podcast, then get right into an in depth discussion about the No More Page 3 campaign and Page 3 itself, which [Read More]

ASJP 19 — Zoe on Body Image Part 2

No, we’re not going daily, this is part two of show 18’s talk on body image and all that good stuff. We (that is, Zoe) thought we should put part two up as soon as possible. John didn’t, but he has self esteem issues, so he did it anyway. Related Reading Women’s e News on [Read More]

ASJP 18 — Zoe on Body Image Part 1

In light of recent developments (you’ll have to listen to the podcast) we thought it fitting we do a podcast on body image. This turned out to be a bit of a sore subject for Zoe, who a near-two hour rant on the matter. This is the first half of that rant. Shoutouts @antonahill @MrDragonbeard [Read More]

The Lesser Spotted SJW

Being called a social justice warrior shouldn’t, one would think, be a negative thing. Social Justice, the plight of those striving to end sexism, racism, homophobia, whorephobia, transphobia, and a whole host of other “ism”’s and “phobia”’s. Who wouldn’t be in favour of such a noble cause? Truthfully, no one. Oh, sure, there are real [Read More]

ASJP 17 — Ants on Hills and Ableism

This show we finally managed to get it together with Anton A. Hill for a little talk about him, what he does, and why, as well as touching on Ableism and allowing Anton to give his perspective as a disabled person. Shoutouts @antonahill @MrDragonbeard Related Reading Anton’s Exchange with Lisa Egan Comment of the Week Zoe [Read More]

ASJP 16 — This is Not a Game!

We could hardly avoid #GamerGate, as it seems to be named. Cue an opportunity for John to talk about things he actually has some knowledge of… while Zoe glazes over and tries not to fall asleep. That’s right, we’re talking about Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and even a little Phil Fish. Oh, and gaming. Shoutouts [Read More]

ASJP 15 — ALL TEH NEWS!!!!!!1one

This show we attempt a round-up style look at some of the bigger shenanigans in the social justice world. A “retarded school teacher” waxes lyrical about being trans’ allies. PZ Myers tackles the impact of Robbin Williams’ death… from a PR perspective. Not to mention a healthy dose of Suey Park. Only take one a [Read More]